Hot Christmas Punch Perla Vltavy - "Pančo"

Hot Christmas Punch Perla Vltavy - "Pančo"
LP: BEA / 5575
Date of birth: 15.11.2007
Tricolor, 38 cm
DKK/HD: --
Father: CH Summer Storm from Elly
Mother: ICH Demi Moore from Muskoka Dream's

Breeder: Jolana Michalcová

Coowners: Jolana Michalcov, Ivana Sasic, Serbia

Panco is very beautiful dog with excellent bones and nice feet. He has excellent angulation and his movement is extensive with drive. His head is out of wrinkles with lovely and typical male dog face. Panco has amazing character, he is very playful, cuddly, obedient and very contact. He has the right beagle temperament but he isn’t savage and is handy.
Panco is living in Serbia now by our friend Ivana and her dogs. Best regards to all of you and we hope, you will be happy.

Hot Christmas Punch Perla Vltavy - "Pančo"

Hunting certificate:


Shows successes:

BEST PUPPY-male in show
3rd Best puppy-male in show
BEST BABY in show

BEST COUPLE of Special Clubshow in Vsetec - Panco and his sister Mendy (Hot Chocolate Perla Vltavy)

panco - 2. ve tř. mladých - Special club show, youngclassPanco, klubový vítěz doostu - Club puppy championPanco + Mendy - Best couple in special club show
Panco - Panco Nejkr. dorost pes - Best puppy male in showPanco won BIS puppy + his mother - Demi won CAC, CACIB, BOB, res.BIG
Panco + Storm - Panco + Demi - Panco + Demi -
Panco 3 měsíce - 3 monthsPanco 8 týdnů - 8 weeksPanco 8 týdnů - 8 weeks
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