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  • My life lasts 10 to 15 years. Each parting from You means greater suffering for me. Think about it before you buy me
  • Give me enough time to understand what you ask for
  • Trust me and love me because only then my life has a sense
  • Never be angry with me too long and do not keep me closed as a punishment!
  • You have a job, fun, friends, but I have oooonly You
  • Talk to me often! Though I do not understand all, I will still like to hear Your voice. You should know that I will never forget how you are to me!
  • Think it over before you hit me because I could hurt you with my sharp teeth but I would never want to use them against you
  • When you are angry with me during our work together because it seems to You that I am lazy, think that I am maybe thirsty or I stayed too long on the sun and it is too demanding for my heart
  • Take care of me when I grow old. It is going to happen to you sometime too. In my old age try to make every day nice because with Your help I will overcome it all much easier
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