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obrzek When we saw how beagles are happy in a pack, we understood that we denied Iris to something. So we decided for another arrival. We brought male puppy named Carda in 2002. First day Iris was injured, because of an intruder on her garden and she refused any communication. But Carda, as a right beagle, didnt give up and all the time he entreated her for attention and games. Next day they romped and played.

obrzek When Iris was 3 years old we decided to let her to be a mother. Time was ready for because she carried kittens of our cat away and she wanted to care about them. April 2003 came and suddenly 10 beautiful and healthy puppies , 5 boys and 5 girls were born. When we saw this beautiful crowling balls, it was sure, some of them will stay at home.Choice was very difficult but finally the winner was a puppygirl Agnes. She is very wild, she is very concentrating and nobody and nothing can t be sure of her. But she can be very snuggling and calm.

Iris has brought up an immense number of puppies, in addition to that she is an excellent and careful mother. We managed to find the best owners for them and according to what we got to know, both of them, the owners as well as the beagles, are happy.

This year during Christmas time very sad thing happened. Our Carda was lost. He was a dog of extraordinary character and we miss him a lot. Our beaglegirls were also sad for a long time, especially Agnes who grew up with him. After longer thinging we decided to get the number of beagles to the original size. Later we chose for puppy from Dutch breeding station "from Muskoka Dreams". We brought a bitch called Demi Moore. It was a quiet, sweet puppy at the beginning but she turned into a very lively and playful dog. She is very smart and quick teachable. We are so happy about having her.

obrzek After longer time of thinking our pack was enlarged by another kind of breed - alpin dachsbracke in 2004. His name is Ivo but we called him Igy. It took some time till he got used to the new environment and the dog pack. He is a bit sensitive, not easily trusting others and likes to take revenge. But thanks to our loving care and the playfulness of beagles he has grown into a lively and confident dog.

Deminka has grown into a very nice bitch and got fully used to our dog kennel. She enjoys the greatest fun with our alpin dachsbracke Igy. We are very glad that we have her and I dare to say that she is happy at us.

obrzek The biggest change came towards the end of the 2005, when we sold our villa in Tyn nad Vltavou and bought a house in the village Vsetec /8 km from Tyn nad Vltavou/. We were thinking about moving to a village for a long time, but since we were renovating the whole house for ages, we still could not decide.In the end our arguements with neighbours, that escalated in the last year, helped the decision to move out.

obrzek Because we did not want us or our dogs to be disturbed, we decided for this radical solution. We renovated the house the whole winter and on the 28th of April, 2006, we finally moved. We still have a lot of work before we finish but definitely do not regret. We have a house with a big garden and a pond, that is what we always wished for. Our dogs seem to be satisfied as they did not have such a big walking yard before and now they can also watch deer right from our garden.

obrzek We got used to a new house already. Our property is already fenced around and we only have one more wish to fulfill.
In my opinion we are still missing a beagle boy. My search for suitable candidates ended up in Holand in breeding kennel "Elly's Pack". Elly has gorgeous dogs and she also promised me one of her puppies. The wait was very long, however in summer 2007 we accomodated Summer Storm as our newest and proudest member of our pack. He is very smart, kind and likes to cuddle a lot. Our bitches have immidiatelly found out whats going on and try to show off in front of him as much as they can. He on another hand is looking after them. So far it seems like perfect symbiosis.

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