Kind Black Belle Perla Vltavy - "EBY"

Kind Black Belle Perla Vltavy - "EBY"
LP: BEA / 6381
Date of birth: 25.12.2009
Color, height: Tricolor,
Father: CH DK Nangunyah Magic N Motion
Mother: ICH Demi Moore from Muskoka Dream´s

Breeder: Jolana Michalcová


Eby is the daughter of our Demi. For mating we went to Denmark in kennel OB - LA - DI's, where lives male from Australia, CH DK Nangunyah Magic N Motion. We liked him and his nature and also his quality pedigree. Eby, passed from thein parents a nice body building, excellent bone, beautiful cat feet, she is very well angulated and has great reach in movement. Her head is very pretty without wrinkles, with mild beagle expression and long ear. Ebynka is very receptive, very calm and affectionate nature. Eby has successfully passed hunting tests in the first price when training with her was great and learned very quickly. We exhibited her at a few shows, where she received excellent critiques from the judges. But unfortunately she does not like show exhibitions she is not able to show her best there what spoils her show results. Therefore, we have finished her show carrier. The important thing for us is, that she is at home happy and cheerful and that she is a great mother. We let home her daughter Bessy, which will carry not only her blood but also our Storm, her father .

Kind Black Belle Perla Vltavy - "EBY"

Hunting certificate:

Working certificat for bloodhounds on unblooded trail of wild- boar
KBZH - I.price, 216 points

Show successes:

res. CAC
2x 1st very promising
2x 2nd very promising

6. narozeniny - léto 2015 - léto 2015 -
léto 2015 - Eby s dcerou Bessy - her daughter BessyMemoriál Květy Čáslavské 2011 - show at Mmemoriál Květa Čáslavská
BZH Hlavenec - I.price, 216 pointsEby - MVP České Budějovice 2011 - výb. 2, res. CAC2011 - Club show Zbraslav - Eby, Intermediateclass - 3rd excellent (judge: Maureen Henningsson-Dundas, F)
Eby a maminka Demi - Eby and her mother Demi, 2010Ebi + páníček - 2010Eby + Erni - 2010
Eby - Club show, 6 monthsEby - swimmingEby - 6 months
Eby - Eby - Eby -
Eby - 4 monthsEby - 8 týdnů / 8 weeksEby - 8 týdnů / 8 weeks
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