2x CACIB Zadar, Croatia - 2008

2x CACIB show in Zadar, Croatia – 3.-4.5.2008 This spring we decided to go again to Croatia for two CACIB shows in Zadar. We went by car me, Simona and Zdena, with our beagles Ellie, Coffee, Geena, Demi and Punch. We arrived on Friday to Zadar and after a short rest we decided to go for a walk to a lovely park by the sea coast. The wheather was very nice, sunny but not hot. Our dogs met the sea, swam a bit and after they enjoyed the freedom running there and back across the park. The shows took place in forest park nearby the sea, the rings were shady and big enough. Saturday judge Ivana Bakal (HR) appraised our dogs as follows: Demi - CAC, CACIB, BOB and finalized title of INTERCHAMPION, Ellie - CAC, res. CACIB, Geena - excellent, Punch and Coffee - 1st very promising. Both entered afternoon competition Best baby, but the judge didn’t even look at them. Demi fought also in Best hunting dog competition, where she reached the “shortlist”, but unfortunately not winning. But later in competition Best in Group she got lovely 2nd place and the title 2nd BEST IN GROUP. We also met there another Czech team - Petr Urban and female Henessy: res. CAC behind Demi. After the first show day we all went for a walk along the sea coast. Our dogs were running, playing, some of them also swimming. In the restaurant nearby we had some national specialities ant then we left to have a rest in our room. Second show day, Sunday, was a bit cloudy in the morning, but later again warm and sunny. Sundays judge Zlatko Kraljič (HR) appraised us like this: Demi - CAC and as she has already reached the ICH title, she didn’t fight for CACIB this time. So the chance had our Ellie. Ellie - CAC, fought for CACIB with Croatian bitch Coca-Cola, unfortunately closed with res. CACIB. Anyway even this result is very nice for Ellie and Geena - very good, Punch and Coffee - 1st very promising. Henessy - again res. CAC. For afternoon competitions went only Demi and Punch, as Simona and Coffee were tired. The Best Baby class was judged by Ms. Tatjana Urek and Punch won 1st place and the title BEST BABY in show. Demi went again to the competition for the best hunting dog and this time she reached excellent second rate and the title 2nd BEST HUNTIG WORKING DOG of the show. Success of beagle race in final competitions was really significant as in Croatia they like more bigger races. And I’m twice as much happy, that the successful dogs were mine. After the closing of the show we left for the last walk along the sea. Beagles run all around in the park and then tired but happy slept in our car. We went for the last excellent dinner – shrimps, mussels, octopus.. to take on energy for long journey home. When we arrived back home, dogs enjoyed playing on the yard and lying in the bed of hewed grass – see the photo. Those few days in Ceoatia were high-pressure but nice at the same time, spent with friends, our dogs, in a lovely place.

....ještě jednou a pořádně - musíme se pořádně navonět - příjezd domů - konečně lítačka
Pančo - Best baby in showDemi - 2nd Best hunting working dog in showDemi - závěrečné soutěže
Demi + Pančo - ...a jáu moře - u moře -
nápadník naší Demči - Elča, Pančo, Geena a Kofča - Deminka je vzadu v autěKofinka -
u moře - u moře - u moře -
u moře - Demi a Pančo - kde je ten piškot?!V parku u moře -
procházka po příjezdu - Slovinsko - Slovinsko -
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